That Fall Feeling

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner. I can't believe that we're about halfway through the fall season. And I especially can't believe that in one short month I will celebrate my year anniversary of capsuling. Time has passed extra quickly this year, and I'm trying to savor a few moments here and there to reflect on the many transformations that have occurred since January.

Truth be told, this fall season has been a little strange. Those of you who know me in real life know that while I have loved my foray into the slow fashion movement, my primary passion and career are in education and the nonprofit sector. I have a background in autism education, and though many of my days are spent in an office, my role has recently taken me back into the world of school-based direct service. This work is amazing. It's challenging, and it's rewarding, and unfortunately it can't be done in silk tops and heeled booties. As you may assume, I have had to adjust and readjust my capsule over the past month to incorporate sturdy basics and sneakers that can withstand all that the school day brings. It's been an interesting curve ball to field, especially considering how confident I was going into this season. 

I had fully intended to do a major rundown of my fall wardrobe, but with all of the iterations this capsule has undergone, I have decided to highlight the six new pieces I purchased for fall, rather than all 40. Ladies and gents, check out fall's newness below. 

Vintage Leather Skirt ( similar ), Acne Jeans (thrifted),  Everlane Tank ,  Everlane Modern Points ,  Everlane Trousers

Vintage Leather Skirt (similar), Acne Jeans (thrifted), Everlane Tank, Everlane Modern Points, Everlane Trousers

By now you probably all know that Everlane is a mainstay for ethical fashion in my wardrobe. They're my go-to, and they're great. That said, I've recently dug into some new research around other companies and apps that champion ethical and sustainable fashion. Look for a post detailing that information soon. Aside from Everlane, the leather skirt was purchased from Etsy, and the Acne jeans are maybe my most impressive thrifting score to date. Though fall has been a little odd, I'm pretty pleased with these new additions. They have served me well through October, and I'm excited to put them to good use this holiday season (especially that leather skirt). Check back for some favorite holiday looks featuring some personal slow fashion favorites! 



Spring Synopsis

For the most part, I cannot believe that spring is nearly over. These past three months have flown by, and I am happy to report that I wore every piece in my spring capsule at least twice. As it is with these things, I've reached the point in the seasonal timeline where I get to dish and divulge all of spring's highs and lows. This season was such a learning process for me. Thanks to the wisdom of some podcasts and fellow bloggers (check back for a complete run down), I'm beginning to view this capsule process in a whole new light. I can't wait to share what I have learned this season, but for now, here's what saw some serious wear and what collected dust.  Let's get to it, shall we? 


1. Ripped Knee Jeans  - I probably would have worn these every day if possible. The busted knees and light-ish wash make me feel slightly edgy, and I love the overall fit. I wore these at least once or twice per week, every week, and I was even thinking about trying out a similar pair from Madewell in black. Buying duplicates? That's love. 

2. Tan Flats - Classic, comfy, business, casual, these d'orsay flats have everything (yes, it was a Stefan reference. I miss that Bill Hader).  They got tons of wear at work and on the weekends, and they will definitely be making an appearance this summer. 

3. Flares - I got these half off at Crossroads several years back and wore them sporadically until this season. They're a new favorite silhouette, though I do wish that they didn't have pink stitching along the back pockets. Still a fav., regardless. 

4. White Tee  -I've always preferred wearing black tops and blouses, but this season saw a major change of heart. In looking at my pinterest page, it's image after image of fashionable gals in white tees and blouses. I'm a total convert, and I will be adding an additional white top to my summer capsule to match my changing preference and style. Also, this Majestic tee has withstood many a wash and event and still looks as fresh as ever, and even more amazingly I haven't spilled coffee on it yet. It stays! 


Received Very Little to No Love  

1. Print Skirt - Try as I might, I wore this skirt twice over a three month span. It's a bit bold for my current tastes, but I'm keeping it for future seasons to see if it falls back in favor. 

2.Black Pointed Toe Wedges - Anthropologie did an EXCELLENT job shooting these booties. In person they looked almost nothing like the beautifully captured, perfectly lit image featured on their website. Plus they made a terrible squeaking noise whenever I walked. I ended up returning them after a month or so.  

3.Gray Polka Dot Shirt - I like this top in theory, but this season polka dots felt childish rather than chic to me for some reason. It's a nice little blouse though, so it'll stay on for the time being. 

4. New Balance Sneaks - These are basically the only shoes I put in my spring capsule that I couldn't wear to work, and thus they ended up hardly getting worn. I did wear them for few walking events, and a food truck/park afternoon, but twice over a three month span is not nearly as frequently as I was expecting. Though I do plan to keep them, they're going to take a little rest for summer because my new Everlane street shoes will be taking their place (insert excited face emoji)! 

Other than those four, I found it more challenging than I thought to wear my trench coat, but I am determined to put it to good use. It's such a classic look, and though it's a big thicker and heavier than what seems to be in style now, I will not be swapping it out.

Last week Andrea over at Seasons and Salt wrote about how she feels she has accomplished some of the goals she originally set out to meet when she first initiated her own capsule process. It got me thinking. Have I met any of the goals I set out to meet back in January? Have I curbed my shopping compulsions and changed my habits? Is the impetus for starting out on this whole journey null and void? The answer is a resounding no. Unfortunately for me, I do not think I have reached the same peak in my learning that my fellow bloggers have. While my habits have certainly changed (I have no desire to set foot in any fast fashion establishment and I now compulsively check labels for where items were made) I am still drawn to shopping for entirely un-utilitarian purposes. My goal is to sort some stuff out this season, all of which will be thoroughly documented on this very blog. Who knows - maybe the third season will be the charm!  










Spring Reveal!

Spring sprung a few weeks ago in the Porter Moses household, and I'm so very excited to share this season's capsule with you.Winter was a wonderful learning experience, as you may have gathered from my previous posts, and I took great pride in applying what was learned over the last three months to curating this season's 40-strong collection. 

So, without further ado - here is what I will be wearing through June!

San Francisco doesn't exactly have what you call "seasons." While the rest of the country is defrosting, or has already had their first pool day, our forecasts are... well...pretty similar to how they were in winter. 

We tend to maintain a good amount of fog throughout the year, with days of bright beautiful sunshine gracing us with their presence every so often. Taking that into consideration, I tried to balance what I want to wear this spring (tanks, skirts, sandals) with what I know I need to keep on hand (sweaters, jackets, booties). To help combat the cold-weather factor in my closet, I intentionally maintained a lightness throughout this season's color palette.  Deep burgundies were swapped for light grays and pale blues. Busted knee jeans replaced thicker pairs, and points were traded for strappy sandals. My hope is that the small changes and fresh scheme will counteract the heavy materials needed to withstand SF's spring climate, while still making it feel like I've transitioned to a new season. 

I also have a fair number of patterns going on this season. It's an experiment of sorts, and I'll keep you posted on all my findings. I'm mostly a solids gal, but I like the idea of patterns in spring - beyond my one bold floral piece. 

I purchased 11 new items for spring, which felt like a lot, until I realized that each single new top I bought replaced two or three old busted ones. Several of the new additions to my closet were thrifted, and all were purchased with some sort of substantial discount (even at Madewell!). My goal, of course, is to get to a place where I only need to buy a few pieces to round out each season's capsule, rather than acquiring a hefty chunk of my wardrobe new every time. The capsule process is one of patience and investment, and while I'm not there yet, give me a couple of seasons and I'll definitely get that 11 count down to something much more manageable. The goal has always been to buy less, and choose well, and I can honestly say that I abided by that rule throughout my spring shopping excursions. 

I've broken out the different groupings in my wardrobe below, and tried to provide links to the new items I bought - though many are now sold out. Anything purchased for spring is marked with an *, and items carried over from winter are noted as such. Things listed as "owned" simply means that I had the pleasure of pulling them out of storage a few weeks ago.


1. Urban Outfitters Clay Blouse (owned)   2. Thrifted Stripe Blouse* 3. Madewell Stripe Sweater Shirt *   4. Thrifted Black Blouse*  5. Silk Pattern Blouse (winter)  6. Urban Outfitters Chambray (winter) 7. Loft Windowpane Blouse*  8. White Button Up (winter)  9. Gray Polka Dot Blouse (owned)  10. Vintage Cream Blouse (owned)  11. Urban Outfitters Tank (owned)  12. Majestic Plain White T  (Nordstrom Rack - Similar)*    13. Black Modcloth Tank*


1. Camel Coat (owned)  2. Gap Trench (owned) 3.Gray Sweater (owned)  4. Gray Open Drape Sweater (Nordstrom Rack - Similar)*  5. Levis Jean Jacket (owned)  6. Gap Navy Blazer (owned)  7. Trouve Two Tone Jacket (winter)  8. Leather Jacket (winter)  9. Black Vince Sweater (winter)  10. Theory Black Blazer (winter) 


1. Gap Boyfriend Jeans (owned)  2. Madewell Skinny Black Jeans*  3. Citizen Flares (owned)  4. Gray Stripe Skirt (owned) 5. Floral Pencil Skirt (owned) 6. Missoni Slacks (winter)  7. Gap Skinnies (winter)  8. Madewell Skinny Busted Knee Jeans


1. Steve Madden Heels (owned)  2. Madewell Loafers (winter)  3. New Balance (winter)  4. Birks! (winter)  5. Madewell Booties (winter)  6. DV Sandals (winter)  7. Hilfiger D'Orsay (similar)*  8. Hasbeen Clogs (owned)  9. DV Pointed Wedge Booties)*

So there you have it! My spring wardrobe is serving me well so far, and I'm looking forward to sharing all the good, bad, and blog-worthy moments this capsule brings. 

What do you think? How is your spring capsule going? Are you considering taking the plunge and starting one? Any advice for keeping spring in your closet while staying warm? I'd love to hear from you!