Everlane Round-Up

Hiya Ladies and Gents,

Oh Everlane. You guys, my fav brand is doing some pretty pretty pretty good stuff right now. For those of you unaware (welcome strangers!) I am an Everlane Ambassador, meaning I participate in events, support their retail lab, and of course, receive some pretty great swag. I've been particularly pleased with several of the items I have received recently, so I thought I'd do a little review of sorts. Here are my truest thoughts about some of my latest Everlane purchases and gifts. By the way, even though I am an Everlane Ambassador, there are no affiliate links on this page. Simply click the images to be taken directly to the product pages, or click the linked heading to support me via a referral link. 

Silk Cami

I eyed this cami up and down for MONTHS before pulling the trigger a few weeks back. It’s slightly impractical seeing as I live in a city that barely cracks 68 degrees, but I love it nonetheless. I dare say that this is my most favorite shade of blue, and I am a complete and total sucker for silk. The fit on this one is pretty typical for Everlane, meaning it’s a little oversized, but I happen to love the roomy drape that the relaxed fit provides. Also the straps are adjustable, and the inside is partially lined, so that's helpful. My only gripe with the fit is that for some reason I have a little extra room around the bust, which is surprising given my body type. The extra fabric makes the shirt billow ever-so-slightly around my armpits, but I have the feeling that it's one of those things that is noticable to me and no one else. Aside from that, it's a pretty perfect silk tank.  9/10 Would Recommend

Navy Luxe Wool Square Turtleneck 

This sweater was given to all the ambassadors who supported the Where I Travel community building event and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I think the length and cut of the neck is flattering, I love the boxy shape, and I actually enjoy the band that weighs down the bottom hem – it’s a damn near perfect sweater. I got my typical size medium and I love how it hangs, but if you want a more fitted look, size down. The only thing I don’t love is the way the Wool seems to attract any and every cat hair, but honestly, that is not enough of a reason to not wear it. I just keep a lint roller in my glove box and carry on.  8/10 Would Recommend

Blue Slim Trousers

I wrote about these trousers here, and I have to say, they are still doing me right. These pants are exceptionally comfortable – so comfortable, in fact, that I have worn them on red-eye flights across the county. I love how they aren’t skin tight, and even though they are named "slim,' I think they hang perfectly and feature the perfect rise. I haven’t been wearing these as frequently recently due to my love for my other Everlane blue pants – the navy culottes, but something tells me that they’ll be making regular appearances in my fall rotation.  A word to the wise, Everlane’s trousers run very large, so plan to size down one or even two sizes. Also you can currently "choose what you pay" for these guys, so if you've been debating giving them a try, this might be the right time to go for it!  10/10 Would Recommend

Modern Oxfords

I got these puppies the day I worked the modern oxford event, and I am incredibly happy to report that my feet didn’t die after wearing them all day long without first breaking them in! These are the first Everlane shoes I have purchased that are really and truly true to size. It should be said that I have normal to narrow feet, so I have never had a problem with any of Everlane’s shoes. Some people have found the toes of these oxfords to be too pointy, but they don't cause me any discomfort and I happen to love the shape of the toe box. The only thing I’m not super stoked about is the color – I thought they would be a truer oxblood, and instead I think they read slightly plum. Still, the comfort is great, the style is impeccable, and I would love to get them in the blush color.  7/10 Would Recommend.

White Shirt

I already did this to myself once. Why do I keep trying to make Everlane’s white tees work for me, when I know that they are not going to work? This tee has a great shape and drape, and I love the length of the sleeves, but it is too transparent for my liking. Despite trying to give it a shot, it's getting returned. 5/10 would only recommend to those who want to show off a bra or feel comfortable wearing a cami under a light-weight tee

I have about a million more Everlane products that I would love to review - so please let me know if you're interested! I can also try to take some pictures of me wearing some of these pieces for context, or just include shots from the Everlane site. What do you want to see?