SF Local: Get Your Thrift On

Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty excited to share the second installment of my thrifting series with all y'all today. As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been trying to grow my thrifting skills for some time now. One of the questions I get asked most frequently is where I do all my secondhand shopping. Truth be told, I shop everywhere. I am the type of person who will happily pop into a thrift store if I have an hour to kill. I find searching for one-of-a-kind treasures at ridiculously low prices both exciting and therapeutic. It's definitely a favorite pastime. That said, I tend to have better luck at some establishments than others. Here's what my 5+ years in SF have taught me when it comes to the art of the thrift:


1. Wasteland on Haight is a highly curated resale and consignment shop. They keep a well-stocked selection of vintage and designer pieces, and are quite picky. I typically only take my best cast-offs here for consideration. That said, when they do buy from you, the payout is pretty good. They price their items higher than at say, a Crossroads or Buffalo, and the take home is 35% of what you sell. Don't bank on selling your old J.Crew stuff here, but if you have modern designer pieces or amazing vintage treasures, it's definitely worth a trip to the upper Haight.   

WASTELAND - 1600 Haight St. 

2. Crossrods in Rockridge is my go-to spot for selling. The store is much larger than any of the Crossroads in SF, meaning they can accept a larger inventory, and it also happens to be conveniently located close to my office. I generally have good luck selling here, but sometimes the line can be suuuuper long. The men and women who work behind the counter are welcoming (contradicting all those resale buyer stereotypes) and they usually take a good amount of my seasonal stuff. There's also parking, which is a huge plus if you're hauling in some sizable bags. 


3. I generally don't sell to San Francisco-based Crossroads, but when I do, the store on Irving St. in the Inner Sunset is my location of choice. It's substantially larger than the stores on Fillmore and Haight, and they take more of my stuff than any of the other SF locations I've frequented. Parking can be rough around here, but they can usually get to your pieces pretty quickly. 



1. Organization can make or break a thrifting experience, and I have to say, Thrift Town in El Sobrante is one of, if not the most well-organized thrift stores I have ever been in. Yes, it's a trek if you're SF-based, and yes, the exterior leaves something to be desired, but honestly, it was worth it for me. The first time I went I scored a vintage Levi's denim jacket, some gorgeous navy linen pants, a charming woven bag with wooden handles, and a few other goodies. They also have weekly discount tag colors similar to Goodwill,  but unlike Goodwill their discounts range from 30%-80% off based on tag color. I bought the denim skirt I plan to take to Australia for $1, and my Levi's jacket was $3. 

THRIFT TOWN - 3645 San Pablo Dam Rd. in El Sobrante

2. Speaking of organization, the Goodwill on 25th and Irving is another thrift store that prides itself on clean racks and attentive staff. This particular Goodwill is where I found my $2 mid century table, as well as the Lanvin sheath dress I mentioned in my previous post. It's small, but it packs some goodies. They seem to have a particularly great selection of outerwear and cashmere, and I also found one of my vintage pairs of 505s at this location. I used to frequent this little spot on my lunch breaks when I worked at a nearby school. What can I say? It's earned itself a spot in my heart.

GOODWILL SUNSET - 2400 Irving St. 

3. When I need to scratch an itch for something trendy, but don't want to shell out an absurd amount of money, I usually head to Wasteland. Yes, it's considerably pricier than going to any of the aforementioned thrift stores, but it's also considerably easier to find what you want. My most favorite velvet tasseled mules, and my tassel midi skirt came from Wasteland, for example. Maybe it's kind of a cop out to include such a well-curated shop on a thrifting list, but whatevs. Wasteland makes hunting for unique pieces fun and painless, and for that I say,  good on ya. It's definitely the cool kid on the block when it comes to shopping secondhand, so just take it all with a grain of salt. 

WASTELAND - 1600 Haight St. 

4. Did you guys know that the world of beautifully curated vintage goodies is not solely confined to various brick and mortar stores? Or even Etsy stores, for that matter? Maybe I'm behind the times, but I was blown away to learn about the hundreds (thousands, even? or more?) of vintage purveyors who sell on Instagram. Some sell direct to people through the comments section, while others round up a great selection of what's available for you to consider. Take for example, The Vintage Edit. Danielle at The Vintage Edit curates a pretty fantastic feed of shoppable vintage, offers the chance to purchase through the feed, or leads you to purchase directly from various vintage sellers. It's good stuff. 

I know this one was a bit SF-specific, but don't you fret, on the next installment of my thrifting guide I plan to get into the nitty gritty of shopping secondhand online. It's going to be a good one!