Friday Gems

Friday Gems are back and better than ever! This week my gems revolve around some major ear candy. In the words of the material girl herself: "music makes the people come together. yeah."  

For me nothing sets the tone for Friday like a good solid pump-up jam. When I worked at a school in Santa Cruz I used to queue up a Friday playlist every week in the hopes that all of the teachers would dance around a bit before starting the day. It usually worked, and I’m telling you, nothing says “the weekend is here and we’re going to have a good time” like some classic Stevie or MJ.  

In the spirit of all that is Friday,  here’s what caught my ear this week:

1.       Did you see that Obama released both a daytime and nighttime summer playlist on Spotify? It’s the stuff that dreams are made of - an eclectic mix spanning from Courtney Barnett, to Chance the Rapper, all the way to Nina Simone and Aaron Neville. Go check it out for yourself. 

2.       As a big time Beach Boys fan (Beach Boys Greatest Hits was the first cassette I ever owned), I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Vanity Fair article all about the dysfunction permeating the band’s history and relationships. Talk about tumultuous. Still, Feel Flows will always have a place in my heart.

3.     Do you listen to podcasts? Do you listen to Call Your Girlfriend? It's my number one fav. If you don't know, well, now you know and also you're welcome. 

4.       I would be remiss to make a music list and not include the immense talent that is my sister, Tanner Porter. Tanner has been my sister for the past 22 years, and in that time she has learned to do a lot of stuff. For example, she has been writing poetry since she was just a tiny tot. She chose to learn the cello in elementary school because it seemed like it would be the easiest instrument for her to play while simultaneously singing. She wrote, arranged, performed and released her first album while IN HIGH SCHOOL. And now that she has completed her BA in Music Composition from UMich, she’s ready to share her second album with the world. It’s hard to say what genre her music falls into (Indie chamber? Orchestral pop? Baroque folk?), but it’s not hard to name the way her words and melodies transport their listeners. It’s magic. And, as an insider, I’m happy to report that this is the bookshelf she refers to in Sacred Spaces and THIS is the little car. That’s right. She’s singing about my first car, a Geo Metro which I parked proudly between Audi’s in the Malibu High School parking lot. Tanner inherited the tiny blue hatchback some years later and the rest is history. It is, perhaps, the only Geo Metro to be immortalized in song. Don’t quote me on that one, but it feels right.

5.       Lastly, I’ll leave you with the feel-good jam I have on repeat this morn. I first heard it on my Spotify discover playlist, and then about a week later its coolness was confirmed on the Sooo Many White Guys podcast (another gem).  It's pure fun. Happy Friday everyone!