The Dorkiest Thing I’ve Ever Written, or, How I Became an Everlane Ambassador

Back in September of 2015, without any real understanding of the role but with enthusiasm and gusto, I applied for an unpaid position with Everlane. I wasn’t too sure about what being an ambassador would entail, but I was extremely intrigued. At this point in time I had not yet been to their office in the mission, nor had I any clue about their monthly events; I was simply and genuinely their biggest and dorkiest fan.

 My fandom never once mirrored the company’s cool aesthetic, oh no -  instead of maintaining a collected and chic exterior, I outwardly expressed ridiculous levels of excitement for their new launches, singing their praises on as many platforms as my fingertips would reach. As I false-started my way through the beginning of my ethical fashion journey, Everlane became a beacon of ease and clarity. Here was this brand that was ethical, and affordable, and just so happened to be headquartered about three miles from my apartment. In a matter of months, I immersed myself in their ethos so much that I became not just a groupie; nay, I became a mother ‘effin Everlane band aid. Apologies to Penny Lane.

But I digress. Back in September, Everlane let the world know that they were looking for SF ambassadors via Instagram. You’d better believe, my application was submit with the quickness. After pressing the send button, and tweeting out that I had done so (as you do), I quickly and secretly crossed my fingers before erasing all hope and optimism from my mind. I wasn’t actually going to get this position – that would be too much. All my unbridled enthusiasm was sure to grant me a seat on the bench, not a spot among the starters.

Well, to my surprise a mere 10 months after submitting my application I woke to find an email waiting in my inbox from none other than an unnamed Everlane employee herself. My 10 month old application had earned me a phone interview, in which I would be asked to describe my interest in the ambassador position. My jaw dropped. My heart raced. WTF was happening, I thought quietly to myself and did not, in fact, exclaim aloud to our cat.

A few chats later and low and behold, I was invited to participate in a six month stint as an ambassador. So far it has been a pretty neat experience – while still painfully uncool, I occasionally feel like an insider, and my style has certainly been elevated, both from the Everlane products I’ve received but also in the sense that I feel like I actually need to try when I head to their offices. The ambassador role is really what you make it. There is room for creativity and flexibility, and at the end of the day, I can affirm that their mission of ethical and transparent fashion drives everything that they do, even though sometimes it feels like it’s hidden under a few layers of cool-girl sheen.  

Most importantly, I am having fun. A lot it, actually. And I mostly wanted to write this to let you all know that I’m out here, in all my dorky glory, available for questions and pretending to know stuff about fashion. If I can do it, you all can definitely do it.  So go forth and be bold, reach out to brands you love, apply for random positions – sometimes the quirky dreams are the best dreams. 



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