One Pant, Five Ways

Hi There Friends! 

As you may remember, I recently wrote about feeling uninspired by my current wardrobe and options. Things were feeling stale, and my whole closet was soured by a lack of ingenuity and creativity. Well, luckily for me (and maybe for you), a few weeks back I was asked to participate in a "one piece, five looks" challenge with some extremely talented and stylish blogger friends. Being asked to participate in this challenge, and finding myself in the company of Andrea, Natalie, Paige and Lizzy, was just the boost I needed to find my second wind with this season's capsule. It's amazing how connecting with others around a common project can breath new life into your day to day. 

For this challenge I chose to style my navy blue Everlane slim trousers for five different occasions. I opted to style these trousers because they are the type of item I have seen beautifully dressed up and down by street stylers and fashion bloggers alike, and yet I tend to reach for them only in professional settings. Rather than style something I consider blatantly versatile, I decided to approach this challenge as, well, a challenge. And the result? Let's just say that I will no longer be relegating these pants to professional occasions. Not only are they comfy, but I feel like they add a sort of polish to whatever they're paired with. 

Look 1: Navy and black! After searching some street style for inspiration, I paired the navy trousers with black heeled boots and a chunky black knit sweater for an edgier combo.  Maybe it's not that edgy, actually, but black and navy still feel bold to me. 

Look 2: A white blazer, tee, Natalie Borton necklace and pumps for color. Sassy and classy, friends. 

Look 3: Stripes, booties and a camel coat worn on a walking day date through SF. The red lip gave this look a nice punch and I felt pretty pretty pretty good all day. 

Look 4: Trousers paired with a loose fitting boyfriend top, beanie, and sneakers for a casual and comfy vibe. I wore this to run errands and stop by my most favorite trendy coffee shop. 

Look 5: I think of this one as my weekend hustle look. Flats and the tote are perfect for taking care of business, and the hat kept everything feeling young and fresh. 

Now that this fun little project is over, I'm left with the sneaking suspicion that saying yes to a challenge might actually be a cure for a wardrobe rut.  Having four other amazing ladies to collaborate with motivated me to stretch out of my comfort zone, and I have to say, I am pleased with all five looks.  I think I may even adopt a challenge mentality to try and up my accessories game in the future. Looking at these pictures, it's clear that the red lip did something special for the third look. Maybe another antidote when feeling less than inspired is tapping into your makeup and accessories options. I'm feeling pumped, and the possibilities are endless. 

I shared a little sneak peak of how my blogger friends styled their pieces on Instagram, and I highly encourage you to head over to their blogs and read all about their experiences. Check out all the loveliness below and click through to land yourself at their posts.