Summer Hits

I can't believe that decorative gourd season is upon us. I'm putting the finishing touches on my fall capsule (still waiting on one pair of shoes), but as of today, I have officially switched out my tanks for sweaters. I mentioned in a previous post that I truly felt like I got the hang of things this summer, and I stand by that. Even yesterday, at the final hour, I looked at my summer wardrobe and spent a minute playing around with different outfit combinations and styles. I have yet to tire of my summer 40, but seeing as this is my fourth capsule cycle (one season shy of a year!), I'm pressing forward. 

To kick things off, here's a brief recap of what got the most wear throughout the past three months: 


I wore my dark gray Ryan Tank from Everlane at least once per week, and those street shoes got a lot of mileage. If you follow me on instagram, this list shouldn't surprise you. At least one of these items was present for just about all of my #ootd posts. Despite feeling more confident than ever with my summer 40, I didn't take as many outfit pictures this time around. As much as I enjoy showcasing how different outfits come together, I'm even more excited by positive impact brands, and discussing the role that we as consumers may have in the slow fashion movement. In any case, outfit pics will still happen, just maybe at the summer capsule pace rather than the spring capsule. 

And now, onto the misses: 

The trench. THE TRENCH. I want to love this trench. I want to love it so badly. But alas, it's slightly more structured and starchy than I would like it to be. I rarely reached for it this season, and it won't be making it into the fall wardrobe. The flared trousers are wonderful, but I have had them since high school and they're starting to show their age. Similarly, the white pants got a small stain and I spent a good portion of the season trying different ways to get it out. Lastly, the thrifted midi skirt ended up being a bit too unstructured for my taste.  

All in all, I LOVED summer's 40. Honestly, the bar has been set very high, and my fall wardrobe has some big shoes to fill. I think that if I eventually decide to shift back toward an "all season wardrobe," aka, just a regular person's closet, my summer '15 capsule will provide the foundation. 

And with that, so long September. Hello pumpkin spiced things and halloween mai tais and all the plaid.