Flip It and Reverse It

There are a few items in my capsule that work overtime and my jean jacket is definitely one of them. Versatility is a factor when selecting what will fill a 40 piece wardrobe, and though you might think it's a one trick pony, my denim jacket has seen me through many a work function, lazy afternoon, and evening out on the town. This beloved, and ancient (I got it at crossroads when I was in undergrad) jacket provides the perfect finishing touch to quite a few different looks. Check out some of my favorite ways to play around with the wardrobe staple below. 

1. The Jacket - I wear this with black denim, light denim, white shirts, patterns, work slacks -  you name it. A well fitting jean jacket can lend just the right amount of playfulness to just about anything, don't you think?

2. The Tie Around - Ever since I saw this image of Sincerely Jules I've been putting together outfits that involve tying my jacket around my waist. I love using it to break up a monochromatic look, or to give me the blue, white, and gray scheme that I adore. I also love the skirt/ jacket combo with my chambray shirt. Hands up for all jean all the time. 

3. The Layer - June typically means fog + gloom in San Francisco, and now that it's summer, I tend to always arm myself with an extra layer or two when out and about. I love how the denim looks peeking out from the leather jacket, plus it provides enough warmth to see me through whatever activities I have planned. The denim + leather look also feels edgy enough to wear out at night to one of our favorite bars or to meet up with friends.  

What pieces of yours are in high rotation? I'd love to hear about your styling tricks!