The Slow Ride

**I planned to share this post with you today (June 26th, 2015), but before I do I just need to throw three huge cheers into the air for this morning's supreme court decision. I remember reading the news two years ago when DOMA was struck down, and wondering how in the world states could still deny anyone who wants to wed, the right to. Today is monumental. Today is something our kids and grandkids will ask us about. I'm so happy that we, as a country, are finally here. It's about time. I know there is more work to be done, but for today, let's all celebrate this beautiful victory. Love wins. 

And now today's post. 

Hello, World!

There is something about this capsule business that makes me revert back to my not-so-endearing 15-year-old ways;  I just want to learn everything all at once and then instantly be a master without any tedious practice, deliberation, or missteps. I want to expertly and effortlessly live the tenets of this consumerist paradigm shift (not shopping, curating a quality wardrobe, living with less) as quickly as possible, without the growing pains. I'm in a hurry. There will be no stopping to smell the flowers and it is not about the journey. Get me to my damn destination already. 

Like making any real, sustained change in life, mastering a capsule mentality requires thoughtful planning and a devotion to steady, incremental change. It requires time and humility. My personal growth experience has been slow and even painstaking in moments. Now that's not to say that progress isn't being made. It is. Just very very slowly. And I attribute all of my impatience to one overarching thing: 

I now know what I want to wear. 

The capsule wardrobe has helped me define, clarify, and refine my style like never before. I know what I like to wear, and I know what I want to own. The problem is that very few items hanging in my closet right now fit either of those bills. For the first time I can see a beautiful, quality,  cohesive wardrobe on my horizon, and I can't wait to get there. I want all my clothes to fit within my new clarity of style, and I want it now. In the words of Indigo Montoya, I hate wait. 

I really appreciate what Natalie over at Hey Natalie Jean said about Pinterest Disconnect (something I wrote about without having a name for here). Luckily for me, Natalie's advice to stick to the guidance of her pins when compiling a wardrobe came just in time for me to build my summer set of 40. Armed with her words firmly planted in my mind,  I began to piece together a wardrobe based solely on the aesthetic I admire. And you guys, I bought A LOT for summer. I thrifted and hunted, but I also bought things at full price, which is so unlike me. I went NUTS. And for what? Because I want that wardrobe. I'm giving the "pinterest yes-connect" a go. I'm taking a stab at changing my habits and dressing like a handful of my style icons (or as close to that as I can get and still suit my lifestyle).   

Now obviously I couldn't throw complete and total caution to the wind when putting things together for summer, and that's where the above graphic comes in. I still had a rough budget to try and stick to, and unfortunately my nonprofit salary can't quite accommodate the multiple Acne pieces on my capsule pinterest board. That said, I think I put together something pretty sweet to experiment with over the next three months (with full acknowledgement that experiments aren't always perfect. Sometimes they're messy. But you do always learn). Plus, I've reached a good place with what is hanging in my closet. Even though I am impatient, and all I want is to get to the end goal as quickly as possible, I feel accomplished knowing that I'm well on my way.  I spent the first two capsule cycles purging + defining, and I am now on the other side, focusing on refining + building. I know that I can't possibly get there all at once. The process of refining is meant to be slow, methodical, and full of self-reflection. But it does feel good to be over a hurdle of sorts. Thanks for the new lens, capsule. Thanks for the focus.