Summer Wish List

I've reached the point in the current capsule season where I begin looking ahead and planning for the next season. Hard. At times when I should be cleaning the house, or prepping to get ahead on my next project at work, I'm making lists of clothing I already own and pinning things I'd love to buy when the timing is right and my wallet will allow it. Continuing in the theme of my previous seasons, I'm genuinely excited to start making thoughtful and conscious decisions for summer, and pull the trigger on some highly coveted items later this month. This morning while thumbing through Instagram, I was very much inspired by Jaana's summer wish list post , so I thought I'd do a little round-up of my own. The following are items I'm jonesing for - not necessarily the brands, per say, just the look and feel, although I'd totally snatch those Elizabeth and James booties given the opportunity and a clearance sticker. 

It's so funny - I look at these inspirational pieces and they don't really look anything like what I have in my wardrobe currently, aside from last season's sweater. It goes back to what I wrote about in my very first post - I pine for neutrals yet often choose color and pattern.  The imagines I pin are a far cry from the what is hanging in our bedroom closet, and the wardrobe that I haphazardly built over the past decade (and recently cast aside) was full of bold colors and styles. Clean lines and neutrals were sparse, if represented at all. Perhaps I'm someone who appreciates the minimal aesthetic more in theory than in practice? I'm not sure what this will mean for summer - maybe I'll start out with what's pictured above in mind and deviate from the plan when I remember how much I love stripes. Maybe I'll stick to this subdued palette and learn that I need color to keep things fresh and interesting. Who knows. For now I am really hoping to get my hands on a pair of those Everlane street shoes (number 8), and somehow encourage Ryan to come around to the ass-elongating effect of mom jeans.