Making the Most of Our Buying Power

It's the holiday season! In case the red cups and onslaught of holiday ads haven't tipped you off, we are zooming into the most shopping-heavy season of all seasons, full speed ahead. Truth be told, I have never actually done the wake up at 4am, doorbuster, 10,000-person strong mall thing on black Friday. I remember going to some stores with my mom the day after thanksgiving, sometimes in the mall, sometimes not, but we never lasted long. Even though I have never been completely gung-ho about the whole black Friday thing, my habits have changed so dramatically this year that no part of the whole shop 'till you drop craze appeals to me. That said, I still want things. I still want to buy other people nice things. The difference this year is that rather than feeding into a systemically flawed and often unjust industry, I am excited to put my money where my mouth is and shop slow. And it looks like I might not be the only one

So let's get to it. Here's a first installment of online shopping and gift ideas to treat yourself and your loved ones to this season. 


1. Orange Harp is my jam. This SF-based, socially conscious app curates ethical, sustainable, social-impact brands and products for your buying pleasure. Think fashion, accessories, jewelry - all of it ethically made and beautifully organized for your convenience. I can't believe how late to the party I am with this app. They seriously have something for everyone. Interested in trying out some all-natural makeup? Orange Harp. Looking for ethical outerwear options? Orange Harp. Want to up your home goods game? Orange Harp! Not only are their values aligned with all that I have come to adopt through my capsule journey this year, but Orange Harp donates 1% of their sales to Not for Sale, a nonprofit hellbent on ending human trafficking. Talk about positive impact! I'm smitten. If you too, are a fan of what Orange Harp is all about, download their app and enter "HARBEN" at checkout to receive 15% off your purchases through December 20th. Also check back in upcoming weeks as I put their collections to good use and highlight some holiday looks to really kick this season off. 


2. Makers Market is a one-stop-shop for American-made home goods, jewelry and accessories. This is a marketplace where craftsmanship shines, and makers are celebrated. I particularly love their kitchen goods, and their adorable gifts for kiddos. I have a few little ones in my life (cousins), and a very dear friend who is expecting (NOT ME, MOM), and mark my words someone I know will be putting their child in these moccasins sooner than later. 

3. Scoutmob is another online marketplace featuring independent craftsmen and women, but what I like about them is that you can tailor your search to find local makers. From the looks of it, they have makers and products in just about every state, which means buying local is truly attainable for almost all of us. I purchased my favorite bucket bag from Umbrella Collective through Scoutmob, and I have my eye on some of their boozy gifts to get us all into the holiday spirit. 

So there you have it. You're now privy to some of my go-to spots for online shopping and gift-hunting.  It's not an exhaustive list of places, but it's a start. And if you're interested in furthering your ethical and sustainable fashion and gift knowledge, I highly recommend heading over to Seasons and Salt  and Made to Travel to check out all that they have laid out (spoiler alert - it's good). 

Lastly, since it's Thanksgiving, I just want to say how incredibly thankful I am for all of you who stop by and check out this here blog. I love being a part of this incredible community, and your comments and engagement are so special and meaningful for me. Thank you all for your time, and your well-wishes, and your support. I am so grateful.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!